Welcome to WoodLab
Located in the heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina our company allows region's best furniture manufacturers to utilize our facilities to market their product with the aim of creating a new standard for quality.


B. Franca Lehara 2, Sarajevo 71000, BiH
Phone: +387 33 590 582
Operating hours: 8:30 h / 17:00 h
Email: info@woodlab.ba

Showroom office

Mulići bb, 71300 Visoko, BiH, BiH
Phone: +387 33 590 582
Email: info@woodlab.ba

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Sales Manager

email: armin.mehic@woodlab.ba
phone: +387 62 437 657

Graduated from the University of Wisconsin with the degree of Masters in Business & Administration and pursued his dream to establish a brand in the furniture industry.

He is the founder of WodLab, and his vision is to create a brand that will fit every home, hotel and office with the most elegant furniture. His goal is to serve our clients with proper customer service and high quality products that will stand out in any room. Our products are made to satisfy our clients in every aspect of the business.

If you are interested to get started with WoodLab please feel free to contact Armin directly and he will be more then happy to assist you.